... rising from the ashes of what used to be Amsterdam ...
... This is a party one simply cannot do without ...




About Us

3 Goth chicks & an amazing location in Amsterdam !

Chick 1: Limpin Lil, although she isn't limpin' anymore ;-)

Chick 2: Vl33rmeis, we all know this babe from Gothoord, the best Ruigoord Party ever!

Chick 3: Medusa, ha, and this chick we know from Medusa, Bal du Masque, Bats in the Dungeon, the Gothboat, Nostalgia, the Undergarden, etc. etc.

And on 10 APRIL 2010:

We take our FREEDOM back!

We shall party with you, Underground Style, IN AMSTERDAM!

The location... ah well.... go here for more info!